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Critical Analysis of Three Papers


Assignment 1: Critical Analysis of Three Papers (2750 words, +/- 10%) (ORDER ORIGINAL PAPER)
Critically analyse and contrast (referring to methodological literature) the
methodologies of three research papers of your own choosing, ideally on a similar
subject. Write the comparisons of the papers in sections under the following headings:
1. Research Design and Justification
2. Selection Procedures for participants and ethical issues
3. Data Collection Procedures
4. Data Quality Procedures
5. Data Management and Analysis
You will need to choose a subject/topic in education and find three research papers
on it which explain something about the methodology the researchers used for their
research. Remember to focus on the methodology of the papers, not the topic itself.
However, if you choose papers related to the topic of Assignment 2, it may help you
when writing your proposal as you will have already engaged with the topic, but it is not
You will need to give the full references of all three papers at the start of your
assignment (or as an appendices) using Harvard Referencing convention (see Cite
Them Right on the University library website for guidance). Label each as Paper 1,
Paper 2 or Paper 3 as you can then just use these names when referring to them in
your discussion, rather than providing the citation (e.g. ‘Paper 1 has chosen a
qualitative design….’).