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Describe the elements of a contract


Describe the elements of a contract
Assignment Overview
This practice exercise provides an opportunity to document the elements of a contract and provide an example of each element.
A one-page table
Step 1
Create a table.
Create a three-column table documenting the elements of a contract. In the first column, list the names of each of the four basic requirements that must be met for a contract to be enforceable. In the second column, define each element.
Step 2
Examine the scenario.
Consider the following scenario:
Ian gives Jennifer an engagement ring immediately after his football team scores the winning touchdown in overtime. He gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him in front of a national audience. All the cameras are on Jennifer and she says, “Yes.” Unfortunately for the two, Jennifer breaks down several months later and says that she cannot go through with the marriage.
Step 3
Identify elements of a contract within the scenario.
Continuing in the same document you used to complete Step 1, in the third column of the table, document a detail from the scenario that relates to each element. If any of the requirements for an enforceable contract are missing in the scenario, answer the following questions:
Is there a contract to marry?
Is Ian entitled to the ring?
Step 4
Save and submit your assignment.