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Approaches to the technology- organization relationship


Based on the review of required readings, answer the following two questions:

1) Barley (2017) provides a wonderful overview of various theoretical approaches to the technology-
organization relationship. In particular, he explains middle ground approaches to show how current theories have moved beyond simple technological determinism and social constructionism. Orlikowski (2007) also illustrates one such middle ground approach. Describe or define the middle ground approaches in your own words, and elaborate on how they can deepen our understanding of technology use in organizational contexts. What is the advantage of using this framework?
2) As Orlikowski (2007) does, select one example or case that effectively shows the mutual influence
between the material and the social. Explain the example to your classmates.

Original post should be AT LEAST 300 words (no max)
You should be demonstrating a strong understanding and mastery of the course material from this
Module. This means you are expected to use the reading(s) and other outside sources to inform and

support your post. Whenever you are using outside sources, you should be including APA formatting in-
text citations.

For a direct quote: “Here is a direct quote from a source” (Author, year, p. #).
For paraphrasing: Here is an idea that you are paraphrasing in your own words that you need to give
credit to the author (Author, year).
You should include your references at the end of your post, formatting using APA 7th Edition guidelines