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Acquiring ownership of real property through adverse possession New York


Acquiring ownership of real property through adverse possession varies from state to state.
Research your state’s statute, and determine what is required for a person to obtain ownership of real property by adverse possession.
When responding to your classmate’s post, compare and contrast the differences between adverse possession requirements in another state.
Read Chapter 1

Learning Objectives
After reading Chapter 1, you should understand:
The definition of real property
The characteristics of real property
The definition of personal property
The difference between ownership and possession
The definition and significance of fixtures
Modern day estates in real property:
fee simple/fee simple absolute;
fee simple determinable;
fee simple on condition subsequent;
life estate;
estate for years &
estate at will
The difference between inheritance and devise in acquiring ownership to real property
Ownership to real property can be obtained by gift, and contract and sale
The definition of adverse possession
How real property is conveyed through transfer of ownership