Wiki 2


Identify two different sources that relate to each particular section of the class. One of these sources must be drawn from a current scholarly source (published between 2013 and now) and the other source must be drawn from a non-scholarly (popular) site focusing on issues similar to those raised in the scholarly source. You will then prepare a brief critical analysis of the non-scholarly source relying the reading material assigned for each section of the class. Reading material for this section is “Clear, Todd, John Hamilton, Jr. and Eric Cadora (2011), Community Justice, second edition. London: Rutledge”, (Chapter 2 only). Wiki 2 focuses on the Learning Module 3 dealing with issues related to the material in Clear et al. dealing with police agencies and how they should be designed to function in a system driven by Communituy Justice values and how such functions compares with those encouraged in the more conventional Criminal Justice approach to crime and criminality.


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