Whole-Genome-Sequencing and SNP Mapping

How the technique was used in the paper”
o Discuss the purpose and main application of the technique as related to the literature article
o Explain in your own words the steps of the technique.
information on model organisms or material (i.e. DNA, RNA, protein, cell culture) being tested
key materials
key steps of the technique
data analysis
statistical methods, if used
­ “Origins of the technique”
o Discuss if the technique is an old standard technique, modification of a standard or older technique, or a completely new technique
o Explore applications of the technique beyond those used in the paper
Previous uses, current uses
­ “Future directions of application”
o Explain the broader impact of the technique.
o Discuss and current or developing uses for the technique
Modifications to expand its impact or use
Clinical uses including treatments or diagnosis tools




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