When Good Cells go Bad

All of the information you need to complete Assignment 3 can be found here. Please note that there are two readings for this assignment:

Reading 1: Case 2 – Cancer: When Good Cells go Bad on pages C2-2 to C2-4, 10-5 and 10-18 of your textbook (Morris et al., 2013, Biology How Life Works. W.H. Freeman and Company. New York NY)

Reading 2: Choi, C. Q. (2009, January). A Theory of a Deadly Fusion. Scientific American, 100 – 103. (see attachment above)

Once you have completed your assignment it must be submitted as a Word file or a PDF file by clicking on the title above and attaching your file in the Assignment Submission section. If your file cannot be opened – it will not be marked!

Remember to use your own words and do not share your work. Any evidence of plagiarism or other academic misconduct will result in academic penalties; check the Academic Integrity icon on your desktop if you are unsure or unfamiliar with academic integrity polities


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