web application


An asp.net user control allows you to combine some piece of logic written in c# or vb.net etc and it’s client side components i.e html css javascript and combine them into one singular named element

You can then add this to any page or master page and re-use as often as you wish

For this assignment you are required to create 2 user controls one is a menu and the other is a facebook login control

50 marks – Menu user control

This is a simple menu that you can style however you wish, it should have a minimum of 5 menu items, the key thing being is that it looks like a menu and it is in a re-usable user control

50 marks – facebook login user control

This will use the facebook JavaScript SDK, you will need to obtain a free api key from facebook. This is a unique key the defines your application.


Once you have this key follow the below instructions to add the capability to login through facebook on your site.


Once you have added this it means that a user can choose to login to your website via facebook rather than by implementing your own login method.

This is useful in terms of learning to apply any api and allowing an additional login method rather than forcing users to setup an entirely new account


* This is an individual project and must be completed as such collaboration with other students is allowed but only so far as project discussion.

* Copying or sharing of project files is plagiarism and will result in a mark of zero.

* You are fee to use any of the code I have put on moodle and even use short code examples you have found online. Using someone else’s entire project or a large proportion of this is plagiarism and will result in a mark of zero.

* If a student is suspected of plagiarism on some portion of their project the student will be expected to explain all the code if it is indeed theirs.


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