VO2Max text

Procedures for VO2max test
• 2 of your classmates will be selected as subjects to perform the VO2max tests on the treadmill.
• Their oxygen consumption (VO2) will be measured using the open-circuit spirometry, in which
the subject inhales air from the atmosphere, and the exhaled air is directed into the gas analyzers
of the metabolic cart.
1) Draw a graph of both subjects VO2 vs. HR. What do you observe about the
relationship between the 2 variables? Using the VO2 equation from the lecture earlier,
briefly explain why VO2 increases as the subjects’ exercise intensities increase
throughout the test. [4m]

2) Comment on and compare the absolute and relative VO2peak values of the 2 subjects.

3) What happened to the RERs of the subjects during the VO2max tests? What do these
trends and values suggest about metabolism, hyperventilation, and buffering of the
blood? [8m]

4) What are the differences between VO2max and VO2peak? [2m]

5) What are the major criteria that can be used to determine if VO2max has been
achieved during a test? Did the subjects attain their VO2max in the test? Explain why
or why not. [8m]

6) Endurance athletes usually have higher VO2max values than untrained individuals.
What physiological variables do you think are likely to be responsible for the higher
VO2max values in endurance trained individuals? Explain your answers. [8m]

7) List two clinical conditions that you would expect to influence VO2max and explain
why these diseases/conditions influence VO2max. [6m]
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