Violating a Social Folkway

Violate a Social Folkway
What was the folkway you violated (without breaking laws)?
Details and description of experiment
General overview of the specifics of your experiment.
? brief description of the norm you chose to violate
? brief description of your experiment (i.e., how you violated the
? statement of hypothesis regarding what you expected to happen (e.g., how people will react) when you violate the norm.
?Analysis and Evaluation:
? Based in what you know of the sociology of norms, deviance, and social control.
? Description of the outcome of the experiment, people’s reactions, and why you think they responded in the way they did
? Description of how you felt while conducting the experiment and why you think you felt this way
? Did you debrief your subjects and ask them what they were thinking while you were violating the norm? What do their reactions say about norms of interaction?

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