Venture pitch

Come up with a business revolving around tourism
Innovative and structure in your 7 p’s of marketing
The pitch is to include:
Outline the idea and innovation
Financial projections
Marketing strategy
Critical issues that may impact success
Clarity in who that target segment is- describe them thoroughly
Who am I talking- veering away from the demographic segmentation?
Opening gaps form when you use demographics
Clear idea of the audience
Marketing approach, tools
Financial projections -Cash flow statement-will need seasonality, as it’s a tourist-associated business
It will need a Balance sheet from February 2016 to March 2017
Pick out the interesting things in that cash flow, seasonality,
Main critical issues – what are you going to do that minimise that risk
And if it does occur what will you do
More of a holistic thing- is your innovation unique
What happens if something goes wrong with the company how to mitigate the problem?

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