using marijuana/cannabis as a treatment (medical maruijuana

using marijuana/cannabis as a treatment (medical marijuana)
– What is its benefits and its risks?
– What is its effect on AIDS patients?

Questions that must be answered! is the following:

-what is marijuana? (Names, types, ways to take it…..)
– Brief history
– How does it work?
-what is the best way to use cannabis medically?
-what is the difference between marijuana and medical marijuana?
-what are the side effects of medical marijuana? Benefits? And which medical conditions (diseases) can cannabis treat? Risks?
-is medical marijuana addictive?
– What is its effects on AIDS patients? And how the patients are seen after it?
use them as subheadings .
secondly you must use the sources that i will provide. its a must. + other research from your own. and it must be at least 10 sources in total.

the referencing must be exactly as the guideline that i will provide please read it carefully.

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