US war on illicit drug use

Decades ago, the US declared war on illicit drug use and instituted long and severe penalties for those caught selling, buying, or using illegal drugs. As a consequence, US prisons house hundreds of thousands of people convicted of participating in some aspect of the illicit drug business. In the 21st century, some have begun questioning the wisdom of such a “war.”
Find and read online sources that argue for a reduction in penalties for illicit drug activity.
Find and read online sources that argue for maintenance of the current penalty system.
Informing your opinion on what you read in your online sources, should the US overhaul its enforcement and judicial policies and practices regarding arrests and prison sentences for illegal drug activity? Why or why not? If you advocate for changes, identify the changes you would implement.
1. This is a research-based activity: thoroughly research the topic before formulating yourINFORMED response.
2. Write an essay explaining your position on this topic. Think and write carefully. Cite your source(s) at the conclusion of the essay. Post your essay to the Forum.


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