The research summary uk licencing 2003

This module is Staging and Evaluation of Event Management. You are required to do the research on the UK Licensing Act 2003 and find out how the event is affected by it. Please look at the particularly at the rules of selling alcohol and capacity. Also, find out the main reasons behind of the licencing act as it is important to know.

Work detail explanation for the writer needs to know: We are going to project the film of Horse Racing at the cinema room for the attendees/ Guests to come and visit, and pay for the ticket to get into our event. We are aim to raise the money at £1,500.

Please write the summary complying with the Horts Bar as they already have licences, and as we will occupy their cinema room, which located at the back (inside) of the bar to hold our event at Horts Bar,49 Broad St, Bristol BS1 2EP UK for only one night.
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