The relationship between emotional contagion and neuroticism My research p

Topic: aper investigates the relationship between neuroticism and emotional contagion. Therefore a literature review on emotional contagion and neuroticism will have to be made connecting them both with empirical evidence.

The Review Literature has to have 3300 words and a structure as follows: an introduction, main body and conclusion. If you have any doubts on the structure please visit the following website:

The structure of a literature review

Write in the past, double spaced, font Times New Roman size 12.

Use in total thirty academic sources. The sources used for this literature review needs to have used the following samples: “NEO Five-Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI)” and the Emotional Contagion Scale (ECS).

The use of meta-analysis would be ideal to provide empirical evidence. I would like the writer to critically analyze the literature reviews, which is There will be a positive correlation between scores on neuroticism and scores on emotional contagion.

For each study (many) describe participants and what they did, as well as what happened in the study. Explain clearly the main results. Critically analyze the studies and always provide evidence to support the analysis.

Ensure to cite every one of your references in the essay and include them in the References section in APA format.

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