The Pyramids of Giza

Your paper must be at least 5 full pages. This means written in 12 point double-spaced with one inch margins. You may write more than 5 pages if you wish. No spaces between paragraphs please.
-Do not string together quotations! Use your own words.

-You must use at least 5 sources for your paper. These sources must be BOOKS OR SCHOLARLY JOURNALS. You may not use web-sites as a source unless they are scholarly peer reviewed journals

-You must cite the source of each idea, sentence, and even long phrase, that is not your own. No need to quote just use your own words.

-Please include a bibliography, listing all books and the articles that you use. Include xeroxed images of topic

-Please relate your paper to one of these themes: Human beings relationship to the natural world/ Power and or propaganda/ The sacred/ Personal expression of emotion and individual personality.

-You must include a discussion of the ICONOGRAPHY, the AESTHETICS, and the SOCIAL CONTEXT of the work.

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