The level of digital marketing strategies

1) Describe each retailer’s website. What information is available on each site? How easy was each to navigate? What information did you find interesting and useful on each site? What did you find that you didn’t expect to find at a retailer site? What did you find lacking at each site?

2) What differences are there for sites that have traditional bricks-and-mortar shops from those that do not? Does the site encourage consumers to visit the physical shop or just to remain an online shopper?

3) How do the retailers’ communicate the image or personality of their shops? How are they alike? How are they different? If you had no information except that available on the web, would know what types of product are sold, whether the products sold are expensive, prestige products or low-priced products; and what types of consumers each retailer is attempting to attract to its shops? How do they communicate the type of consumer they consider primary market?

4) What recommendations would you make to each retailer to improve its website

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