The effects of pesticides and fertilizers on food security

Your third assignment is to write an essay of not more than 2,000 words on your chosen and approved topic. This will account for 40% of your overall course mark.

Your essay is expected to demonstrate familiarity with relevant academic literature. Illustrative examples and data from, for example, government reports etc. may be included to support your arguments. Suggested reading provided for the course and individual lectures are a good starting point but evidence of independently located material is expected. See the ‘Reading & Resources’ folder for guidance on how to search for information and literature.

Marks will be awarded for your understanding of the topic and the strength and validity of your arguments. It is your use of data and evidence of wide reading that are important, not a summary of the key references. Essays must be referenced using a recognised style (e.g. Harvard) and must contain a full reference list (note that a reference list is a full list of all the items of literature you have made a direct reference to in the text of the essay; it is not a list of all the items you read when preparing your essay).

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