A research proposal designed to address THE EFFECT OF PASSIVE SMOKING ON CHILDREN WHOSE PARENTS SMOKE AT HOME. RESEARCH QUESTION – DOSE PASSIVE SMOKING CONTRIBUTES TO RESPIRATORY INFECTION ON CHILDREN WHOSE PARRENT SMOKE AT HOME. (Health Promotion studies). This research proposal may be appropriate for development into a level 3 project.
This assignment will enable students to demonstrate learning outcomes 1-4 and 6-8 (see the Module Specification below).

The research proposal should outline in detail the steps necessary to complete a research project. This proposal may be suitable for a final year undergraduate project. Sections of the research proposal may include:
1. Title:
2. Introduction / Background:
– Study Problem / Purpose
– Relevance / Study Rationale
– Brief Literature Review
– Research Objectives / Research Question / Hypotheses
3. Study Methods:
– Study Design
– Subjects / Participants
– Inclusion / exclusion criteria
– Sampling
– Recruitment
– Intervention details
– Variables / Data Collection
– Data analysis
4. Ethical Considerations
– Informed consent
– Confidentiality
5. Other considerations:
– Limitations
– Budget
– Plans for Dissemination
– Timetable of activities
• You will need to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and understanding using a variety of methods.
• You should provide references to literature where appropriate. For example, it is appropriate to reference to literature on relevant research methods. It is also appropriate to provide references to other literature such as research studies and other data that may be used to compare your findings.
• The references should include academic books and textbooks; peer reviewed publications from the academic journals; and reports by national and international organisations;
• Where internet sources are used, these should reliable and evidence-based sources and correctly referenced with the website address and date (NOTE: weblinks alone are not acceptable and Wikipedia (and other sites as such) ARE NOT appropriate references);
• All work must be word processed (except written exams) and written in your own words;
• The word limit must be observed with a 10% discretion; the word count must be indicated on the last page of the essay;
• The text must be divided using headings or sections and must include an introduction and conclusion;
• All pages must be numbered;
• The Title page must include; the title and the number of the module; the name of the module leader; your student number; the assignment title and the topic you selected.
• All referencing should be in line with ‘cite them right’. See the ‘citation’ link on MOODLE for further details of how to reference correctly.
• Work must be proofread for grammar, spelling and formatting mistakes before handing in;
• You should follow all additional given guidelines and marking criteria;

Learning Outcomes for the module

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

1. Convey knowledge and understanding of stages involved in designing and conducting a viable research project in the area of health promotion, public health and/ or health service management.
2. Apply the principles of research ethics to the design of research proposals and projects
3. Explain the use of descriptive and inferential statistics in the design and interpretation of health and healthcare research, and in service improvement.
4 Identify the nature and sources of information and data needed to write a research proposal and report using appropriate
6 Evaluate aspects of the research process relevant to a chosen

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