The analysis and evaluation of the actors and factors shaping China’ s international investment policy


Preferred Sources:
Preferential Trade Agreements, Investment Disciplines and Investment Flows – Hoekman, BernardNewfarmer, Richard 2005 Multilateral Rules on Investment: Is Forward Movement Possible? – P. Sauve 12/05/2006 International Investment Agreements: flexibility for development – UNCTAD 2000 Foreign direct investment and host country policies: A rationale for using ownership restrictions – Bilgehan Karabay 11/2010 The Scope of Investor-State Dispute Settlement in International Investment Agreements – Reinisch, August 2013 Bargaining over BITs, Arbitrating Awards: The Regime for Protection and Promotion of International Investment – Beth A. Simmons 01/2014 The Quest for Policy Space in a New Generation of International Investment Agreements – S. A. Spears 01/12/2010 Sauvant Karl P and Ortino Federico Improving the International Investment Law and Policy Regime: options for the future, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland, 2013. OECD Working Papers on International Investment The Columbia Center for Sustainable Investment has a series of articles and papers

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