TDR statements

This section should contain a minimum of 10 common purpose groups. Each group is composed of a title followed by 4 – 5 task/duty/responsibility statements. This is simply a way of ordering the TDR statements so that the job description is more organized and coherent. The TDR statements in each group should be clear and contain sufficient detail so as to be helpful to the jobholder. Each TDR statement should start with a verb. Ensure that none of the TDR statements appears in more than one common purpose group.




Indicate % of total job time spent on each of the common purpose groups.




Example of a common purpose group:


 Obtaining new clientele                                                                                         (15%)


–  determine market needs for community


–  market services available through outreach, word of mouth, advertising


–  meet with potential new clients to determine financial needs

–  develop financial plans for each new client to attract them to your organization


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