Takeover: EE by BT


As the essay is around 550 words, please make the report as concise as possible. Therefore, please do not include a long introduction to the topic and straight away answer the question that I will upload. However, while answering the question, I would like you to include in your answer the following:
1) State the share price.
2) Insert a graph with a title.
3) Look at the graph and see where the big change was made.
4) A timeline of what happened with big changes in share price.

Regarding the references, you can use more than 3 sources if you want and please look at only credible online contents such The Financial Times and the links that I will provide you in an external file. Another point, please do not just provide a reference at the end of a paragraph especially if there are a number of points about an issue discussed in the paragraph. It should be clear to the reader what a particular author contributed and this is better achieved by integrating the reference in the text. For example: According to Smith (2010)… If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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