Strategic Plan for Sustainability

Project Objectives/ Strategic plan must include:
1. Scanning – examining the organization’s current strategic situation, including an analysis of the opportunities and threats in the industry and broader competitive environment as well as the strengths and weaknesses inside the organization.
2. Visioning – a view of what the organization (or a department, group, or other unit) can and should become.
3. Reframing – the ability to see things differently, including new ways of thinking about an organization’s strategic challenges and basic capabilities.
4. Making common sense – helping others in the organization make sense of the world around them, of the challenges they collectively face, and how they will face them together, which includes:
o Their vision of the future.
o Their understanding of challenges facing the organization.
o Guidance from higher authority.
o How the team will work with other individuals and groups.
o Obstacles to group or team success and ways to overcome them.
Systems thinking – discerning the interrelationships among different variables in a complex situation.

1. Describe the background of the organization, including STaR analysis results and a description of the competitive environment. Present Coca-Cola in a strategic manner discussing its financials, size, locations, number of employees, business units, and product lines and also its competitors. Provide a brief overview of the company’s industry with a discussion of industry dynamics and the firms place in its industry — is the company a leader? follower? major player and why? * Note: Justify and substantiate claims with evidence and research.
2. Identify and analyze the challenges and strategic issues facing Coca-Cola that effect its sustainability. One or two main issues are good.
3. Identify the current mission, vision, and values of the organization and assess their appropriateness for a future sustainability strategy. Also critique the current mission, vision and values regarding whether it is believed they are sufficient to carry the company forward into the future or whether a modification is needed to thrive. (Critical thinking must be demonstrated here)
4. Develop a strategy for sustainability that creates competitive advantage and addresses the three lenses of sustainability.
5. Develop an implementation plan that includes a description of leadership, opportunities for learning and innovation, and people and partnership strategies. The key words here are “implementation plan” and this means a plan that addresses what leaders need to do and what partnerships should be formed with key stakeholders to succeed.
For example, Walmart partnered with the Sierra Club; some organizations form strategic alliances with cities, counties, countries, or other organizations. Think Coca Cola and its work on water issues in emerging economies. Here you might want to look at and its initiatives with corporations or Shared Value initiatives (see the Fortune article I posted about the Top Companies engaging in the new capitalism).
6. Present a plan for monitoring and measuring the progress of the organization’s sustainability strategy. Metrics and measurement are essentials in any effective strategic plan.
** Determine what and how the organization will measure its success and whether it is meeting its sustainability targets. The Balanced Scorecard is one measurement system as is the GRI process. Also, Google Ben and Jerry’s to learn about the new process they are adapting to see what is at the cutting edge of sustainability metrics and measurement.

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