Strategic Management Case

The Strategic Management Case is an analysis of the firm selected by the student. The format of the report should include:
1. Description of the firm (brief history, critical strategic events, competitors, leadership, etc.). If there are any general situational assumptions or limitations on the scope of the analysis, these should also be specified here. This section should be limited to a maximum of five pages. Note: Some students may select a new business venture for a firm they would seriously consider starting. For these students, this section will focus on a research based history, critical strategic events, emerging competition, and industry leaders.

2. The strategic analysis of the firm. The results of each strategic tool are presented along with a discussion of importance and implications. Also required are sections for financial analysis and assumptions, although the specific contents of these sections may vary considerably.

3. Financial strategic assessment. This section should integrate the findings from all of the analytical exercises employed in Phase 2. A final and all-encompassing analysis is presented, along with the recommendations that you would make to the firm’s board of directors. This would include identifying what you would and would not do, and outlining any relevant alternate scenario plans or contingency plans. Be sure to address any potential competitive reaction.

All project phases should be submitted via the Dropbox. You will receive feedback after submitting the first two phases which you should incorporate into subsequent submissions.
The final submission for your project includes developing a PowerPoint presentation with embedded audio files. Each slide must contain an audio file in which you offer insight to the material in the slide and key points the professor should take away from the visual information in the PowerPoint. You should minimize repeating points made in the slide other than emphasizing important components. To put this simply, please do not read the slides verbatim but make sure to add value to what is presented on the slide to improve the understanding of your work. The presentation with audio is a significant component of the final submission, so please makes sure to offer your best work, speak clearly, emphasize the strategic implications of your work, and engage the viewer.

This will be a long, detail-oriented project, and consequently there are no examinations in this course. You will hopefully find this project to be the most rewarding effort in your educational career. You are encouraged to select a company related to your career direction. Take this opportunity to learn more about the strategic aspects of your industry, any potential competition, and/or a company that you would like to work for.

Phase I

Project Deliverables

Phase 1 – Modules 1-3 (Outline for Strategic Management Case)
•Introduction of the company (limit to a maximum of three single-spaced pages).
oDescription of the firm and its products
oCompany history (brief history, critical events, competitors, leadership), including strategicelements of its history
oVision and mission statement
oAssessment of mission and vision

•External assessment
oEFE and CPM with strategic implications
oAnalysis of competitive position, opportunities, and threats

•Internal assessment
oIFE with strategic implications
oFinancial ratio analysis with key conclusions and implications for strategic choice
oOverall analysis of internal capabilities and implications for your strategic decisions
Module 1: Select company (Apple) and secure instructor approval. Once approved, create plan outline, insertcurrent mission and vision.

Module 2: Complete an EFE and CPM for your company (including analysis and conclusions) and insert in your working draft which you will hold until you submit Phase 1 during Module 3.

Module 3: Complete an IFE and calculate financial ratios (including analysis and conclusions) for your
company and insert in your plan to submit at the end of Module 3.

****Break Down of Phase 1

 Create an outline for your Strategic Management Case (see steps on p. 389), write a brief history of the organization, and insert the current mission and vision statement. Identify what you believe are the strategic elements of the history and assess the mission and visions based on characteristics identified in Table 4 of the “The Business Vision and Mission” chapter. (limit to a maximum of three single-spaced pages).

 Prepare an EFE and CPM for the company you selected for your Strategic Management Case. Prepare a written analysis of the company’s competitive position and opportunities and threats that need to be addressed.

 Prepare a Financial Ratio Analysis and IFE for the company you selected for your Strategic Management Case. Prepare a written analysis of the company’s internal capabilities and implications for your strategic decisions to follow. Integrate this with your work from Modules 1-2(previous bullets)

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