Strategic and General management in Civil and Structural Engineering

1. Select a well-documented construction company (e.g. FTSE 100) on which to carry out a strategic case study. NB: I chose Schlumberger (SLB)
2. You are a consultant employed by the company to investigate, analyse, and recommend a new strategic direction and report back on your findings.
3. Produce a professional strategic options paper (3000 words).
a) Briefly summarise the company’s current strategy
b) Critically analyse the main challenges and opportunities facing the company using simple
strategic analysis (e.g. PESTEL/SWOT /Five forces). Tables of analysis should be placed in
an appendix and cross referenced in the narrative of the report.
c) Identify and appraise 2 new potential strategic options to increase competitive advantage
d) Make appropriate recommendations for the future direction of the company and evaluate these

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