strategic analysis for starbucks

Complete the second portion of our project that continues the organizational development assessment in the following areas:

  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Culture
  • Governance, Leadership & Decision Making
    • Leadership Assessment (shared & democratic)
    • Committee/Work Group Assessment (In place and effective)
    • Organizational Chart

Describe the organization’s strategy toward change. What is the current mission, vision, and culture? Based on the changes that you are recommending this organization undertake, do you believe that they need to change their mission, vision, or culture as well? Discuss the leadership within the organization. Is it effective? Why or why not? Does the organization have teams and are they effective?

Also include in your report the recommended organizational chart based on the changes you are recommending.

4 pages APA format & references

due today 8 pm cst


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