this should be in a report format in either word document or PDF while u should include the tables in the appendix capture from excel or spss

The formatting of the work should be 1.5 line spacing in a San Serif font such as Arial 11 font size.

The individual assignment will be a report demonstrating the ability of the student to evaluate and analyse a problem related to a data set by means of statistical methods learned during the lectures.
The students will be introduced to a fictional company that has designed and run an employee survey to solve current challenges. The survey is linked to financial and performance records of the company. Each student will be issued with a unique variation of a simulated dataset.
Students write a report addressed to the Board of Directors. The report should include a short description of the background of the problem, data preparation, analysis, interpretation of the results with recommendations for actions. In addition, students should critically evaluate the quality of the questionnaire. The analysis should include descriptive statistics, correlation and regression.and you might include a t-test
The report should follow a classic structure including an executive summary as well as a log about data preparation as appendix. The log should be user friendly with appropriate illustration to enable a reproduction of the analysis with the same results.

in addition i will upload the questionnaire and the data-set(survey3), plus 4 lectures and 1 practice and solution also i will upload the unit handbook

the lecturer suggests the structure in lecture 4, so i hope you follow that structure

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