Social Marketing in the Travel and Leisure industry

For the individual papers, we are expecting students to primarily use academic literature and to apply theory in examining a chosen ethical or social marketing issue: Student should:

2. Select a social marketing/behavioural problem related to the industry chosen in assignment one and a) use social marketing and behaviour change theory to evaluate how the issue has been addressed and b) to propose alternative social marketing/behaviour change approaches to tackling the problem.

We expect that all assignment 2 papers will include references to at least 10 relevant academic sources (such as key journal articles or texts), applying them appropriately in support of your arguments.
(My industry chosen in Assignment 1 was the Travel and Leisure industry )
Marking criteria: (proportion of marks available) Comments

Balanced description of the ethical issue/social marketing problem (10%)

Good use of appropriate academic data, properly referenced (30%)

Demonstrates understanding of supporting ethical and social marketing theories/principles (30%)

Quality and relevance of the recommendations to improve ethical performance or tackling social marketing problems (20%)

High quality written communication, presentation and structure (10%)

I would like to score Between 60-65% on this particular paper as those are my usual Grade ranges.
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