Social and Environmental Strategies Comparison Chart

  • Southwest Airlines
    Social and Environmental Strategies Comparison Chart
    Action Plan What is the basis of the firm’s CSR/sustainability strategy and tactical approach? Is it compliance based? Based upon a license to operate? Defensive? Strategic? The CEO’s vision? Other?
    Social versus environmental emphasis Do your firms emphasize social responsibility over environmental performance(provide examples)? A balanced approach? Do they even have an explicit strategic emphasis? Provide examples to illustrate where your firms have chosen to emphasize.
    Stakeholder Engagement and Criticisms How engaged are the firm’s stakeholders with regard to the firms initiatives to improve their social and environmental performance. What criticisms have your firms received from stakeholders with regard to social and/or environmental issues?
    Reporting & Communication
    Accessibility of CSR Report Where and how do your firms report their social and environmental efforts? Website? Other?
    Where do stakeholders access social and evironmental performance information?
    Measurement Does the firm ‘measure’ its yearly improvements? Does the firm rely upon a framework (G.R.I or other?) to collect and assess its social and environmental efforts on a yearly basis? Has it developed its own measures to track its sustainability performance?
    Third party endorsements and recognition Have your firms received any recognition (i.e. awards, certifications) for their social and/or environmental efforts?
    Value Chain Integration (Porter) In what ways are your firms adopting a Porter & Kramer approach throughout their value chain?
    Pierce &Doh strategic initiatives In what ways are your firms adopting a Pierce &Doh approach? How appropriate are they? Do the systemic issues the firm focuses upon ‘fit’ the organization?
    CSR Leadership in Industry In what areas are your firms leading the industry in terms of social and/or environment performance? Perhaps the firm has been particularly innovative in one or more areas?

    Recommendations What do your firms need to focus on in the future?

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