Using a book (talk in action)
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Adversarialness in News Interview Questioning

Length Limit: 4 double-spaced pages (data single spaced)

Below is the first part of an interview with Peter Bijur, then the CEO of Texaco. The interview was conducted just after Texaco announced it was settling a class-action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against African-American employees.

There are 3 question-answer sequences.

Analyze each question in terms of how it embodies an adversarial posture on the part of the journalist. Your analysis should address the following sorts of issues:
• How the question sets a relevant agenda
• How the question encodes presuppositions
• How the question prefers a particular answer
• How these relevances, presuppositions, and preferences are (or are not) mobilized in ways that are substantively oppositional toward the politician
• If there are other noteworthy manifestations of adversarialism in the question, or conversely deference toward the politician, comment briefly on those also.
• Finally, if there are significant forms of resistance in the response, comment briefly on those.

Note: Do not give equal weight to all the issues listed above; feel free to focus your analysis on those that seem most significant for the adversarialness of the particular question you are analyzing.
• Analyze the questions in the order given.
• Reproduce each question-response sequence within your paper (using “highlight & paste”) and keep the excerpt single-spaced.
• Follow it with your analysis, which should be double-spaced.
• Refer to phenomena using specific line numbers.

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