Situated Know ledges

Explain the importance of the concept “Situated Knowledges” both for the field of STS and, more
generally, for understanding science/technology/society relationships
• Have a single, clear central message that includes a definition of the concept

• Provide one or more examples to help illustrate your points, at least one of which does not come from the provided text. Cite properly

• **Be accessible to a general audience (first time hearing about this concept: explain on a high school level and avoid complicated grammar to audience that doesn’t understand science) **

• Resist the temptation to outline an entire broad area of study
No more than 1 1/2pages APA citations 12point double space
Summary of Haraway’s Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective.
In this reading, Haraway focuses more on objectivity which is currently described as having a particular point of view. According to Haraway, this description is problematic since it is a privilege allowed to unmarked bodies or persons as a section of a given society’s majority that is regarded as a neutral part. On the other hand, marked bodies refer to the less neutral part of the society and that constitutes of women, or the intellectual, ethnic, religious, social, and economic minorities. The marked bodies have their points of view associated with who they are in society. Also, their points of view are regarded as those of one person, and, therefore, their points of view cannot be absolute or external thereby making them automatically flawed and subjective.
Haraway proposes ‘Situated Knowledge’ as the solution to the Objectivity problem. In the article, Haraway refers to situated knowledge as that which is placed within a particular context such as intellectual, anthropologic, socioeconomic, cultural, or historical. A point of view within a context is limited to a certain range while the situated point of view is open to a wider content range as it takes to account the massive information included in the context as well as the point of view’s environment. According to Haraway, situated knowledge not only lets people have complete and richer points of view, but it also enhances a sense of community and allowing people to be accountable for what they believe.
Haraway’s reading perfectly fits in the discussion topic ‘gender and knowledge in science’ as it focuses on the points of view of less regarded people in the society such as women and the minority. The text, therefore, is of great significance as literature for this topic.
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