shopping strips

The research will be about why, at a street intersection, one shopping strip succeeds while another one across the street from it doesn’t succeed. You are to examine an actual intersection in the North Texas area. You must identify the two shopping strips and compare them as to the number of vacant stores and volume of customer traffic. The following are some considerations:
1. Going to work side of the street or going home side.
2. Ease of entry and exit to the strip.
3. Type of stores.
4. How the stores relate to the nature of the area and residents.
5. How the stores relate to the shopping area in general.
6. Other factors.
Please make sure that the shopping strips are in the (North Texas area). Also, make sure you identify the two shopping strips. The main point of the paper, why is one strip succeeding and prospering and why the other one isn’t.
(the shopping strips must be in the North Texas area such as


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