Service Marketing


Project Description
The group will undertake the design of a service concept for the upcoming opening of Starbucks in Milan (IT).
The successful completion of this project requires collection of primary data, by visiting real services of the chosen sector. This will aid in understanding the different aspects to take in consideration at the time of developing the service plan. Direct references should be shown and related to the positioning strategy of the brand.
Please use the structure below to construct the content of your report.
(As specified before it is a group poject so the following part is my part, the midlle part of the project and one of the most important parts. Intro, conclusion and consideration are not needed since my part is the middle part “service environment”).
The word counts for my parts is 1000 words.
SERVICE ENVIRONMENT: This section should be used to clearly define how the service environment will be constructed. This should be based on the decisions following the positioning, competitor analysis and client segmentation exercise in previous section (which was not my section).
These are my 3 parts to be developed:
1- Clearly define the service and how the service will be developed.
2- Special focus on quality control and client satisfaction strategies
3-Compare and contrast 4Ps of porter for the service provided.
Individual reports should focus on the adaptation of the chosen service to online channel. It should define an online strategy and should identify and analyse the critical aspects starbucks should take in consideration at the time of promoting its UPS and positioning through the online channels.
The whole part described here above has to have a word count of 1000 words.
we decided that the new company is starbucks and its new opening in 2017 in Milan city centre. The new service is gonna be the delivery service (home, offices etc.). There is gonna be an online platform where you can order the delivery, you can order a day in advace to get everything the morning after at your preferred place or you can actually plan your order for several days in order to get your order (which has to be always the same) evry day without submitting the order everyday because you’re already registered within the system. After 150Euro of orders, the delivery is free in order to incetive offices and big companies to order really a lot. Moreover, the delivery will be done around the city of Milan using sturbucks customized italian Vespa (motorbikes), in order to maintain and support the cool brand image of starbucks.
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