School Nursing

Utilizing scholarly references/sources (Non-India, makes professors suspicious here in the United States, questions whether or not the student wrote the coursework) and APA Formatting please answer the following questions below briefly.
1. Why school nursing is so important (In the United States)?
2. Ethical and legal concerns of a school nurse (In the United States)?
3. With whom in the community can school nurses collaborate in order to support the school nurse role and the health of the school-aged children (In the United States)?
4. Does the locale make a difference in the problems, or are health problems in children and adolescents universal (In the United States)?
5. In some inner-city areas, violence is a prevalent issue. What do you think are the biggest problems in your areas (South El Monte, California 91733 in the United States)?
A scholarly reference that may be utilized:
Lambert, V., & Keogh, D. (2014). Health literacy and its importance for effective communication. Part 2. Nursing Children & Young People, 26(4), 32-36. doi:10.7748/ncyp2014.
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