Risks to cyber security

What are the main risks to cyber security, and are states or non-state actors

1. Define and discuss key concepts.
2. Take a comparative approach: Each essay question asks to compare two
concepts or answers (1. risk/threat; 2. stabilise/destabilise; 3. state/non-state
actor). What are the arguments for and against each position?
3. Keep in mind that there is not one ‘correct answer’. You are graded based on the
extent to which you can substantiate your conclusion .
4. Critical analysis: Recognise the limits of your argument and counter-arguments.
The objective is not to suggest that one answer is correct and the other wrong,
but rather to argue that one of the answers/position may have more merit than
the other. Demonstrate your capacity to consider and include competing
perspectives by various scholars.
5. Clearly structure your essay into introduction, body and conclusion.
a. The introduction should outline the broader topic and link it to the specific
purpose of the essay. Signpost the structure, key arguments to be made,
and provide a brief thesis statement.
b. The body of the essay should present the main arguments, which directly
answers the essay question.
c. The conclusion should summarise your key findings, synthesize your
thoughts, demonstrate the importance of your ideas, and enable you to
have the last word on the essay question.

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