Research paper

1. Analyzes the ethical issue(s) found in a case study relevant to a selected career specialization. Describes the relevant elements of the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologist and Code of Conduct to support the analysis.

2. Develops a step-by-step resolution for issues in a case study relevant to a selected career specialization. Describes how the APA code and issues connect to being a graduate learner and a future career in psychology.

3. Develops a clear distinction between conducting research and conducting an informational interview in the field of psychology.

4. Develops the ethical principles to be applied to a professional interview. Describes how ethical principles will be adhered to while conducting an interview.
Situation 2: (Note: This case is also appropriate for anyone planning a career in which conducting research is an important part of the work.)
As an educational psychologist, you are employed in higher education to teach undergraduate students enrolled in a teacher education program. You have an ongoing research program that involves studies on the perceptions and training of undergraduates enrolled in teacher education programs. As a course instructor, you offer extra credit for students to participate in your ongoing research. Typically, this involves completing various surveys and paper-and-pencil instruments of perception and beliefs related to becoming a teacher. A colleague suggests to you that students in your courses are really not free to choose to participate because they may fear that their final course grade will be influenced by their choice to participate. You have assured your students that their participation will not affect their final course grade.
What are the ethical issues involved?
Corey, G. (2016). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy (10 edition). Cengage learning. Boston, MA 02210.
Make sure you answer each question precisely and correctly following APA style. use this book and two recent american articles peer reviews.

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