Report to CEO

The task:
Your task is to prepare a report addressed to the CEO of an organization of your choice.
The report will outline what you believe the CEO should be thinking about with regard to the international strategy of his / her organization.

The focus of the assignment is on topics 5,6 and 7 (international strategy and entry modes). that i will upload in additional files. It is vital and a MUST that you use the information in the 3 power-points that i will provide you with.

Choose an organization of your choice, the firm could be large or small, highly internationally diversified or with modest international presence.

I was considering Marillyn Hewson the CEO of Lockhead Martin largest weapons manufacturer in the world. Lockhead Martin employees over 116,000 worldwide, and receives about 10% of Pentagon’s funds as the largest U.S contractor. I would like to advice Hewson to consider the emerging market of weapon in the middle east perhaps.

Give a brief summary about the organization and how they operate.
Criteria and Marketing Standards:

The best papers will contain a discussion of the context and background of the organization, the international strategy issues it faces, and recommendations to the CEO. Make sure your discussion of the context is brief and focused, though – the focus of this assignment is on analysis, not on description. Papers will be assessed using the following criteria:
1. Identification of critical issues in the firm’s strategy;
2. Appropriate application of course concepts;
3. Use of data to support analysis;
4. Creativity / originality of ideas and quality of recommendations;
5. Cogency of logic;
6. Organisation of the assignment (e.g., is the assignment well-structured, does it have a clear and functional lay-out, is it user-friendly? are all sources of information properly acknowledged?);
7. Expression (e.g., how well you can communicate your ideas in a brief written report. This includes, but is not limited, to spelling and grammar).
An important aspect of strategic thinking is the ability to ask the right questions and to bring clarity and structure to ambiguous situations. It is your job to decide how to structure your analysis. Bear in mind that criteria 1-5 are more important than 6 and 7, but a poorly organised assignment and sloppy language demonstrate little respect for the reader (remember, you are writing for the CEO).

It is expected that the report will be professionally presented and have an executive summary, a table of content, a body of the report with clear headings, appendices and a reference list.

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