Reflective Logs

These 4 logs should discuss how the thinkers;

-Hannah Arendt using the reading-‘Labour, Work, Action’ pp. 167-181

-Charles Taylor using the reading ‘What’ Wrong with Negative Liberty?’ pp. 211-229

-Herbert Marcuse using the reading ‘The Catastrophe of Liberation’. pp. 229-250

-Michel Foucault ‘Panopticism’. Part 3, Chapter 3

develop humanist or antihumanist conceptions of political subjectivity.

These 4 logs are a reflective writing, which should be both explorative and explanatory; it is not just a description of the topic. The logs should show development in the understanding of political subjectivity.

You can use the first person pronoun, ‘I’, as you are formulating a particular point of view but this perspective must be backed up by textual evidence and be faithful to the arguments of the thinkers explored.

Each log should be approx 330 words long. The readings will be uploaded.


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