Reflective Essay

Understanding why customers connect with brands is critical to your success as a luxury marketer. It’s important to recognise that no matter how big a fan of the brand you may be, you are not the customer. It’s also important to remember that your first job may be with a firm who serves customers that are not like you in any way. So this assignment forces you to reflect on your biases in order to become a better luxury brand manager. To do this you need to:
• Identify a luxury fashion brand you do not like.
• Understand, through research, experience, and any means, why ONE consumer likes it.
• Tell an interesting story that gives gives precedence to the customer’s lived experience of the brand, your understanding of their brand relationship, and a short (one to two paragraph) theoretical explanation for why they like that brand.
• The essay should be no longer than 1,500 words excluding title, your name etc, and references
Clear and consistent reflection on experiences of one consumer’s love for a luxury brand. High-level discussion on the brand and brand relationship with the consumer.
Research and referencing:
Draws deeply from the set readings and synthesizes these with extensive primary research involving target consumer. Examples of the latter include giving preference to the consumer’s voice, placing oneself in the consumer’s shoes, reflecting on the brand experience and interpreting this sensitively and thoughtfully. The synthesis of data with literature should offer an interesting and even new interpretation of the brand relationship.
Harvard referencing conventions in both in-text referencing and reference list has been accurately and consistently.
Structure, grammar and spelling:
The content has been logically and succinctly structured to create a cohesive and coherent analytical piece of work Formal academic language and precise and correct discipline and professional terminology has been used to clearly communicate meaning
There is consistent adherence to grammatical conventions

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