Recommendation Letter and salary negotiation letter

Request for a Recommendation Letter

• Situation: You have just received an offer letter from your “dream job” company, and you are very excited about the opportunity! As part of the application process, you have been asked to submit a letter of recommendation from a professor. • Your task: Requests for recommendations and references are routine, so you can organize your inquiry using the direct approach. Open your message by clearly stating why the recommendation is required and that you would like your reader to write the letter. If you haven’t had contact with the person for some time, use the opening to trigger the reader’s memory of the relationship you had, the dates of association, and any special events that might bring a clear and favorable picture of you to mind. • Tips: Use the body of the request to list all the information the recipient would need in order to write the recommendation, including the full name and address of the person to whom the letter should be sent. Consider including an updated resume if you’ve had significant career advancement since your last contact. Close your message with an expression of appreciation. When asking for an immediate recommendation, you should also mention the deadline. Always be sure to enclose a stamped, preaddressed envelope as a convenience to the other party. Figure 7.2 provides an example of a request that follows these guidelines.

P.S.: Please look at the sample and make it like that. But DO NOT COPY.

Request for salary negotiation:

-Please just continue with what I write down. -There are only must be 3 paragraph (intro, body, and last) -Please paraphrase the first paragraph

PS: -It is due at 9 AM (CA time) -Please watch your tone (Must be polite) -Please write down in two separate papers -For the letter of recommendation, PLEASE LOOK AT THE SAMPLE I PROVIDED. Thanks Thanks



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