: Quantitative History, Psychohistory, and Narrative History

Project Description
Write 2 pages addressing all questions in the discussion topic below. Format must be in Turabian writing style, so please cite sources using this formatting style. This will also be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin detection software. The items listed below and uploaded in PDF filesare parts of the required reading material/sources that are to be used to write your response:
Reading and Resources
Textbook: Historiography: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern, Chapter 26

Textbook: The Modern Historiography Reader
Part 7: Historical Time and Historical Structures (Introduction); Excerpt by Collingwood (Chapter 31); Excerpt by Braudel (Chapter 32)

Article: The Childhood Origins of the Holocaust

The Childhood Origins of the Holocaust

Read this speech by Lloyd DeMause on the psychohistory of the Holocaust.
Discussion: Quantitative History, Psychohistory, and Narrative History
Consider what you have read about quantitative history, psychohistory, and narrative history. What aspect of the Holocaust does each approach explain the best? Discuss which of the three approaches that you think best captures the essence of what the Holocaust means and why.


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