Quality & Risk Management

Based on the description of the London Olympics 2012 Programme Assurance framework in “Document 3.1 – London Olympics 2012 Programme Assurance Framework” and “Document 3.2 – London Olympics 2012 Managing risk across the Olympic programme” and external Internet sources critically discuss the following topics:


  1. What were the overarching considerations / factors shaping the assurance framework? What would hence be the definition of quality in terms of the overall programme delivery?
  2. What were the main groups of stakeholders? How did their diversity impact on the programme assurance design?
  3. Discuss the structure of assurance controls (levels, specific functions, reporting, etc.) implemented. How was this multi-level activity coordinated?
  4. How was the effectiveness of the assurance activities assessed?
  5. Discuss major sources and types of risks on the programme and where the priority of handling them would be throughout the programme delivery.

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