Public school finance

The word education is absent from the U.S. constitution. Based on this fact, how is Federal involvement in public education justified? Briefly discuss the two major questions commonly pondered regarding Federal funding of public education: a) How much- what percentage of the total education budget should be federally funded? B) How-block grants, categorical or general aid? Briefly describe the following federal initiatives and the major impact on public education. Land ordinances of 1785 Morrill Act 1862 Smith-Hughes Act 1917 National Defense Education Act 1958 Elementary and Secondary Education Act 1965–List and briefly describe the five Titles in the original legislation. Civil Rights Act 1964 Rehabilitation Act 1973 Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment). Education for All Handicapped Children Act 1975 Americans with Disabilities Act 1990. Assignment 5 The courts often generate change in many aspects of society including public schools. The following are cases that significantly impacted public education. What was the major impact of these cases? Brown v. Board of Education 1954 Kalamazoo Case 1874 The following cases are directly related to school finance. You are to prepare a mini-brief on each including Citation (name of the case), Issue, Decision and the impact of that decision. Serrano v. Priest 1971 San Antonio v. Rodriquez 1973 Rose v. Council 1989 Read text on the Florida Adequacy suit and write 2 or three sentences on the issues. Scan ( read over ) in the text issues relating to adequacy, reform efforts and taxpayer retrenchment. Note: No written response required on number 4. Assignment 6 The use of public funds in non-public schools has always been a hot topic. The courts have given direction in this matter. As a public school administrator it is important to be informed in this area. Prepare mini-briefs on: A. Pierce v. Society of Sisters B. Aguilar v. Felton C. Lemon v. Kurtzman (memorize the 3 prongs of the Lemon test-it will serve you well). What is the major argument for the use of public funds for non-public schools? Against? Briefly discuss the pros & cons of each of the following: Vouchers Choice Charter Schools Tax Credits Each assignment should be at least one paragraph and each paragraph should be 150-200 words the assignment should be saved in .rtf format.
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