Project Management

Coursework: Project Management
Project Management As a project Manager with recently acquired Master degree you have been tasked by you director who is very keen to achieve project management maturity for your company, to provide report on creating and implementing a project management methodology (PMM)by reviewing is potential benefits and limitation.
• Identify a construction company and explain about the status of the company, its size in terms of employees, type projects and probably if you know the capital investment and your role in the company (assume you are the newly graduated employee)  Write a brief about ( NCR in construction project) and how can apply PMM theory ( PRINCE 2 Theory) .  Introduce what you are going to explain in rest of the sections of your course work
Literature review
 Start with a paragraph to explain which PMM/ part of PMM/ part of the project, that you are referring in your literature review  Refer to PRINCE 2 Method  Leave impressions that you understand PMM  You may only choose the relevant once focusing the part of the project that you have chosen

Analysis/ critical review
 In literature review you would have chosen only the relevant articles to establish the need for your to try/ implement those theories in your project ( NCR IN Construction project)  Pick those part of the literature review and analyze it with your project and implementation, in term of benefits and limitations  If you had the similar experience as mentioned in the literature review you may mention and refer to that publications  If you had a different experience please mention that and you may discuss what you would think the reason being  The analysis could be represented in the form of table, graph..etc.
Your analysis will need to highlight the main components relevant to your chosen organization by providing a brief justification. You should also discuss the key role which the project manager has on the successful implementation of the PMM and how you will minimize scope creep.
 The section can start with a general view and recommendation that you would have observed from your literature review about PMM  Now that the recommendations are to be from you analysis and shall be your reflection and not other authors  This can be true or not but that is what you think!!!!
 You have conclude your study starting with a line that what was your focus of your CW  Place your conclusions not in general more crisp and short

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