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Your assignment is to complete a SWOT analysis, STEEP and Porter 5 Forces report for Columbia Sportswear(6 Pages)


Your assignment is to complete a SWOT analysis report for Columbia Sportswear. To complete this assignment you should read the Columbia Sportswear case, look at relevant areas of Columbia Sportswears website (http://www.columbia.com/), read other relevant parts of the text, and do your own research through university library databases.

Do not write an essay this is a business report. Please use the report template available on below. Use self-explanatory headings and sub-headings throughout, use short paragraphs and sentences, and use graphs, tables and annotations where necessary. Limited use of bullet-points is also acceptable as long as they add clarity to the report. Support your analysis with relevant literature.

Your Columbia Sportswear report should be supported by your analysis of its general environment (using a STEEP analysis) and the broader sports apparel industry (using Porters 5 forces) these techniques will be covered in class. Following this, make recommendations about what the company should do to act on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that you identify.
This is an individual assignment; therefore, you should complete it on your own. You may discuss your assignment with the instructors or other students, but your written report must be your work.
There is no single correct answer to a case analysis such as this. The key to good case analysis is to analyze the situation, apply relevant conceptual material from the text, evaluate and recommend a course of action. Do not merely restate the facts of the case. Where appropriate, your arguments should be supported by calculations, charts, tables, or graphs.

Treat this assignment as if you were a business consultant. The report is to be written for an executive audience. Use professional language and layout, highlight key points in an executive summary, be thorough in your analysis, justify your recommendations. Proofread your work. Check spelling, grammar, layout, coherence, sentence and paragraph structure, logical flow of argument. Imagine your work will be read by the CEO of the company.

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