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Writing Assignment: “Policy Analysis Paper”


Writing Assignment: “Policy Analysis Paper”

Assignment Description:

In this class we analyze a variety of problems faced in the non-western world.  Topics include items such
as environmental issues in Africa, human rights in the Middle East and economic development in Latin
America, and global issues such as health and poverty, gender inequality and economic disparity.

In this assignment you will be asked to write a policy analysis paper.  In the policy analysis paper you
will  identify one problem facing non-western societies, and  analyze  it using perspectives from the five
composite disciplines of ITS (History, Anthropology, Geography, Economics and Political Science).  You
will also be asked to identify a series of policy options aimed at addressing the problem, and make a final
policy recommendation.  Papers will be 10 pages double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12)
with 1-inch page margins.  All sources must be cited in-text and in a separate works cited page using APA

The problems discussed in the policy analysis papers must be derived from either chapter 9, 11, 18, 20, 22
or 24 of Sheppard E, Porter P W et al. (2009).  Potential policy topics might include:

•  Economic Issues (see chapters 20 and 22)
•  Political Issues (see all potential chapters)
•  Environmental Issues (see chapters 9 and 11)
•  Security Issues (see all potential chapters)
•  Demographic Issues (see chapter 19)

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