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Write a Rogerian argument in the form of a letter addressed to a specific person


A Rogerian letter essay
write a Rogerian argument in the form of a letter addressed to a specific person, either someone you know, someone you have heard deliver a speech, or the author of an article that has disturbed you.

You should pick your own topic for this one. You can argue about any aspect of popular culture you want to. Some topics from past classes are: tattoos/piercings, reality TV, Oprah, Academic cheating, Facebook, revealing clothes, hip hop lyrics. Anything having to do with popular culture: entertainment, fashion, media, politics, is fair game. Just remember that your audience is resistant to your point of view. So, if you think body piercing is the most ridiculous practice you can imagine, then think of your audience as being in favor of it. Your job is to persuade your audience to consider your point of view. If they are really resistant, sometimes the goal is conciliation.

The approximate length should be three pages double spaced. Try not to go over that length. How you choose to organize and support your essay is up to you, but you most definitely will have to refute your opposition to make your argument effective. Also, outside sources are optional, but if you use them, they must be documented in correct MLA format and a Works Cited page

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