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Why some companies emerge stronger and better from a crisis


Read Mitroff, chapters one through appendix C.
Mitroff, Ian. (2005). Why some companies emerge stronger and better from a crisis : 7 essential lessons for surviving disaster. ProQuest Ebook Central https://ebookcentral.proquest.com
Write a 1500-word (minimum / 2000 maximum) reaction paper on the discussed concepts. Consider for inclusion in your discussion:
– What lessons from historical crisis management scenarios and case studies are most important to consider in crisis action planning?
– How do Crisis Management, Risk Management, and Continuity of Operations Planning differ? Why are the differences important?
– What are the four distinct styles of thinking? Why is recognition of these distinctive styles important to crisis action planning?
(This question leads directly into the discussion in forum five – six)
– How well do our present organizational structures deal with crisis situations? What modifications to traditional organizational concepts could improve this?
– Can a crisis be dealt with as an objective; dispassionate occurrence separates from other life events? Why or why not?
– Is it better to be proactive or reactive? Which are you? Which is your organization? What are you going to do about it, if anything?

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