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Why Nevada Should Follow Colorado’s Model for Marijuana Legalization


A few notes:
1. Please use some sources (you don’t have to use all) from the uploaded Annotated Bibliography.
2. Please pay close attention to the instructions I will paste below from the instructor. Disregard the part where she says no topic changes, as she instructed me directly to be more specific.


Assignment: Using the sources that you listed on your Annotated Bibliography, as well as any additional academic sources, write a research-based argument essay of eight to ten pages.

Topic: Same as that for your Annotated Bibliography. No topic changes allowed!

Project Learning Objectives:
Synthesizing research materials
Establishing a claim
Organizing a research-based argument
Developing your own argument using evidence consisting of expert opinion, facts and statistics, your own experience and observations (if appropriate to the topic), and your analysis and evaluation of the ideas found in your research
Integrating and documenting research sources
Integrating your own ideas with those of others
Using visual tools such as tables, charts, graphs, and illustrations

Purpose: To convince your readers to agree with your stand on the issue or to believe in the soundness and reasonableness of your position

Focus: You must address your topic on a local level. The way in which you do this will depend on your specific topic. You might relate it to Nevada, to Las Vegas, to UNLV specifically, or to university students in general. This is part of audience analysis: you are appealing to the interests and concerns of your readers.

Audience: Your choice, but should be specific and appropriate to your topic.

Sources: Five to eight academic-level secondary sources. At least one must be from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. You may also make use of interviews and surveys. Note that you may use sources that were not included on your Annotated Bibliography. All sources included on your final Works Cited page must be cited in your text.

A Graphic OR an Image: One or the other is required
If you found a graphic in one of your research sources that you want to use, you can design a copy of the graphic or, if it is an electronic source, you can download it or you can copy and paste it into your document. Dont forget to cite the source.
You may compose a graphic(s) yourself, or you may use one(s) that you found in your research materials.
An IMAGE such as artwork, an advertisement, a cartoon, or a news photo that communicates information or an idea about your topic:
Images may account for up to one page of the length requirement.
You may include more than one page of images, BUT the amount in excess of one page CANNOT substitute for text in the length requirement.
Visuals are used to relay opinion, inspire reaction, or influence emotion.

Tip: Use Googles Image Search feature to find images related to your topic. On the Google home page, click on Images.

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