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what rights does the younger brother have during the interrogation?


Assume that a pair of brothers originally from an Eastern European country who are green-card holders who live in Brooklyn, New York became radicalized after watching a series of videos on the internet that included videos of car bombs, beheadings, and other acts of violence. The two brothers decide to launch an attack at a New York City rap concert. The two brothers created an improvised explosive device based on a design they found on the internet. The brothers enter the crowded club one night and place the device, hidden in a backpack, on the floor and leave the club. A few minutes later, the device explodes injuring dozens of club attendees and killing several others. After the attack, the police obtain video surveillance from with the club that contains footage of the pair placing the device on the floor and then leaving the club. The police release the footage to the media and then a city-wide search for the couple commences. After two days of searching for the brothers, the police locate the couple in an abandoned warehouse in the Bronx. To avoid arrest the older brother opens fire on the police, injuring one police officer and killing another officer. The police kill the older brother in a shootout. After that, the police take the younger brother into custody and begin to interrogate the younger brother.

Based on your readings, what rights does the younger brother have during the interrogation? How long can the police interrogate the younger brother before the interrogation must stop? Do we need any additional information to assess the younger brother’s rights?

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